Writing U2


A.  Read the pros and cons of playing video games. Check the ones you think are most important and add any other examples you can think of.
The Pros and Cons of Video Games
    Pros ( Advantages) of video Games
     Cons (Disadvantages) of Video Games
   Can improve hand-eye coordination
   Can lead to violent behavior
   Can help children learn to solve problems
   Can cause children to sit a lot and not       exercise
   Can help children deal with winning and 
   Can take away from time spent on    homework
   Can help children pay attention
   Can be harmful to the eyes

B.  Write a one-paragraph essay that answers this question: Video games have a negative effect on children. Do you agree or disagree? You can use some of the ideas in the chart and / or your own ideas.
Make sure that you:
Ø Say whether you agree or disagree with the statement.
Ø Write a topic sentence that gives the main idea of your paragraph.
Ø Support your topic sentence with three reasons.
Ø Give reasons using first, second, third, and finally / lastly.

Sample Answer

While many people feel that video games have a negative effect on children, we need to look closely at this argument. In fact, playing video games can have many advantages for children. First, children can learn a lot from playing video games. They learn to solve problems and make choices. They also learn how to deal with winning and losing. Second, playing video games can help children pay attention. They have to concentrate to play the games. Video games can help children focus on one task. Lastly, children can be social with video games. Some people say children who play video games are not social, but children play games together, and many children enjoy talking about video games with each other. In conclusion, playing video games can have some positive effects on children.  

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