Writing U11

A.     Read the thesis statements written by different students for an essay on the topic of languages.

Speaking a common language helps people around the world understand each other.
Many languages are in danger of being lost because of globalization.

It is important that people maintain their first languages when they relocate to another country.
People who relocate to another country should learn the language of the new country.

B.  Write an essay to answer this question: Is it important to learn foreign languages? Organize your essay as follows: 

·       Paragraph 1: Restate your chosen thesis statement.
·       Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4: Think of three supporting arguments for the thesis statement.
·       Paragraph 5: Write a concluding paragraph by summarizing your arguments and stating your opinion clearly.

Make sure that you:

·  Watch videos according to the topic as well as readings.
·  Use reported speech to give examples from the survey
·  Use as a result, because, since, due to, therefore, so or consequently to show cause and effect.

Sample (of a concluding paragraph) Answer

In summary, many languages are in danger of being lost as a result of globalization. Fewer languages are being spoken around the world because mass media and the need to communicate internationally reduce the incentive to speak local dialects. As a result, some languages may not exist in the future. When languages are lost, cultures are damaged as well. Therefore, we should take action and try to preserve languages that are in danger of disappearing.

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